The Power of Three Will Set You….

by Michael on September 14, 2013



*cackles* okay so I have just finished doing three readings that enhance each other. I did this reading for a group that I run but after feeling its message I thought it would do well being posted here. I think that at its core we can all learn from it and utilize its beauty. So I hope you enjoy.

DSC00406 The Power of Three Will Set You....

So there has been a current of energy that has been tugged in regards to this group and maybe people in this group. Today I was told that it may be beneficial for me to see what the cards have to say and express a message. The energies right now feel like many are pulling back, many are going deep within themselves and sort of reverting to a point where they are not as social as they were and something is ‘off.’ I feel emotions of sadness, depression, longing, not amounting to expectations and more. This may be a time of introversion for you but you are being asked to not go so deep that you cannot fully see who you are in your own situations.

All of the cards here are Reversed which again tells me that you are looking within, you are not wanting to face the outside world, that you are not wanting to look into the mirror and all you want to do is sit and watch some bad porn oh.. I mean.. bad reruns lol Anyways… This is not a time to forget and veg out.

The Six of Ghosts says that you are holding on to the past. That you are holding on to your own ideas of what could have been or even holding on to the thoughts of others in how they view you. This needs to be stopped and fast because if you travel down this path you will create a deep rooted desire for something that cannot be fulfilled. These beauties are asking you to pay attention to your emotions and take insight from them but do not allow them to dictate to you how you should interact with your surroundings. Sometimes your emotions are based in some sort of analytical/logical pull and you cannot quite discern if these emotions are in your highest and best and guiding you correctly or if they are tainted and are taking you down a path that you really do not need right now. Basically.. Pull your head out of your ass and open your eyes to get a broader scope of your world.

The Knight of Bats tells me that you don’t want to come out of the situation you are in. You say you do and you may think you do but deep down on some level you don’t want to heal from this. You are still clinging to this idea this situation that you are hurt and pissed off and instead of coming out of it, instead of addressing it you are tucking it away and building on top of it. You are forging ahead and might I say you are acting like a mighty prick. For some I am feeling this has to do with relationships. I feel that you have allowed a lot of things that someone you care for has said and done, to really get to you and this has linked back to past hurts and pains and you are not dealing with it so you hold on to it and you just become bitter. This card doesn’t need to be so. This card asks you to think clearly and be patient. Instead of jumping into something without really knowing, instead of pouncing on someone without fully understanding what it is they have done or said… take your time to really get to know the situation and fully evaluate what is being done and ask yourself where you fit in and how you may be overreacting. The Knight of Bats is all about moving forward, pushing forward to the future and not acknowledging the past so to balance out you really need to discover your past and honor it and work through it.

The Queen of Imps is all about looking into the Past. She takes the Knight of Bats head on. The Knight has come to an abrupt halt and she will not allow him to pass. I keep feeling frustration. Nobody is paying attention. Nothing is going right. Why cant things move as fluidly as they do for others. Why cant I have my cake and enjoy its beauty? Why must I be in such a struggling position? Come out of it.

You are asked to come out of your darkness. You are deep within your own sandstorm that you cannot really see that the day outside, the world outside of your personal storm is a beautiful world to be in. You are in your own shit so much that you do not wish to see what is beyond that shit. You think other people who are living in their truth and are happy and have what they desire are just living a lie and must be miserable or are ‘fake’ because nobody can be that happy and that great. Stop judging their position and start acknowledging your own. It is time to step it up and to really get back in tune with yourself and your practice.

You are not listening to the messages that are being given to you. Depression, lethargy, gluttony, loss, lack, feeling unloved, All of these energies are being held on by YOU. YOU are the constant in this and what that means is that it is up to YOU to decide what you want next. Get out of this, face your challenges, speak out, communicate with those of like mind and share your story. Somebody needs to hear your story as much as you need to express it so please don’t deny what is being asked of you any longer. This is what this has all been about. Neglect.

Your craft is being neglected. Your craft needs to be heightened and in order for you to do that you must take care of yourself on all levels. Please do not deny your truth.

Magic is in your blood, Witch… Be fully grounded in your own power, connect with your ancestors, connect with the spirits and meditate more often. You must allow the current to flow through you. Stop halting that current.

Stop fighting with yourself, stop fighting with those around you, start listening. Be Silent and Listen! If someone comes at you with their bitchy attitude and are yelling just remain Silent. Find your center. Listen. Listen to what is ‘not’ being said. Listen to their body, listen to the energy that is expressed.

When you start to pull back from ‘life’ some people may not notice but a Witch knows and a Witch cares. Indeed.

DSC00411 The Power of Three Will Set You....

This carries on from the previous reading with the Halloween Tarot.

The Crane Bag – Sacred ocean medicine, clutter, de-clutter, choice.

Time and Tides – Oceanic spells and rituals.

Lemuria Returns – Earthy spirituality, community, ocean conservation.

Okay so you’ve made a decision to change and shift your current circumstances and now you are being given steps on how to come out of your funk and to really come alive again. The first thing is to start with getting rid of the shit that no longer serves you. Go through your entire house and get rid of things that you do not use. If you haven’t worn certain clothing in quite a while, give it away, toss it, don’t keep it. Once you are finished with your house do the same at your office or in storage but clean your environment. Don’t just stop at the physical either… Start to pay attention to the thoughts you carry, the beliefs you carry and start implementing new beliefs where old ones do not serve anymore.

Let go… allow spirit to communicate, allow for your true self to step in and to be joyous. You deserve to be happy, you deserve to be loved and you are the one standing in the way of that so stop getting in your own way and start doing what you can to clear the road.

You must connect with the Oceanic realm and by doing so you will create a relationship with such beauty that it will change your current circumstance for the better. Work with water, work with rain, work with the ocean and call out to their beings and know that when you work with this realm you work with constant movement, you work with fluidity and your life will start to dislodge where it has been and start to move forward as well.

You are not nor will you ever be alone. It is not enough to be Solitaire for you cannot truly ever be Solitaire. There are always others with you and this is what is being asked of you. Such intensity is about to be birthed into your experience and you are asked to share that to allow yourself to be a part of the grander community. Surround yourself with like minds, let go of those who do not support you or uplift you. Start to pay attention to the messages of the earth and allow those messages to vibrate your beings. Connect with your community, the community you create.

Be in fluid movement with the current of Love.

You must learn to engage with the tides of your own life and to really take advantage of what you know deep within. Start acting.


DSC00414 The Power of Three Will Set You....

And for the Finale…

Wishing – Choosing this symbol means you are at a wonderful juncture in your life where imagination and preparation can align with the web of power.

Grove – I, Nyx, the Goddess of night, invite you to my grove to heal your wounds and mend your heart.

Chaos – A Storm is brewing, and misunderstandings are all too common as chaos swirls around your life right now.

I think these are perfect cards to close a very deep and intimate session don’t you? I know that you desire so much more then what you currently experience. I know your heart, I know your soul and I can see the hurt and the pain inside of you. I can feel it and it truly impacts me and I wish for you to know that everything you desire, everything you have ever wanted is indeed within your grasp. You must know this, you know this deep down, somewhere deep inside of you, the part of you that remembers the Faery tales, that remembers the magic and wonder of being a child, that part of you knows that you are on the verge of something so amazing, so powerful that you must not give up. Do not throw in the towel my loves, it is not yet time to let go of your desires/needs/wants/Passions… When you have cleared the slate and made it blank, when you have done the work to really engage in the realm of the Oceanic then you will come to this spot, where you have sat before, and made wishes before. You are asked to let go of some of those long standing wishes, see everything you have wished and desired for and start to blow up, literally blow up those that no longer apply to you so that you can allow more room for that which does, to manifest and expand with ease and grace. Know this though mah precious…. Everything has a price and so you must ask yourself are you willing to pay the price to reach your goals, to experience your desires? Toss that coin into the wishing well and know that you will get what you wish for but you must pay the price for doing so. That price can be linked to the work it will take to achieve but you must put in that work. If you wish for something and do not follow through then the price is your emptiness. So please be careful as to what you wish for and what you act or do not act upon.

This is a time of healing. I can feel your hurt and I feel the pain and the emotional chatter of those around you. This is a time of submission, a time where raw feelings are honored and expressed. Short Tempers and past hauntings… This is a time for you to be gentle with yourself, to heal yourself and to allow healing to enter your world. Go to the Grove in meditation, bask in its glory, embrace its silence and cry for a while. Heal and mend your heart. If you are dealing with a loss and are in mourning then please be gentle with those around you and be kind. Know when to be silent and to express compassion.

Healing in the grove allows you take much needed time for yourself to really figure out what you want and how to go about achieving it. You see another price for this is that you will be guided exactly as to what you need to do. I feel that this means you will have to cut out people from your current experience. This means… You will have to remove cords that are plugged into you and to let them go back and when they do go back that individual, that situation will flare up and chaos will ensue. Chaos is a beauty to understand though. This means that much needed upheaval will be experienced and you will be able to take shelter in your personal Grove and when that storm is over, you will come out and know that all that drama, all that challenge and pain that you let go of will be swept away. Your new life begins here. So ask yourself, where do you wish to take it?

Will you place your trust in the right places, will you give your heart to the right loves, will you allow healing to enter your world and will you bring forth a storm that will destroy?

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How to Remember How Lucky You Truly Are!

by Michael on May 26, 2013

52613 oracle 1 How to Remember How Lucky You Truly Are!


How to Remember How Lucky You Truly Are!


I thought I’d do a few little inspirational tidbits before I leave for work. I was called to work with the Oracle of Shadows & Light and the card that came forth is Card 1 – Ghosts of the Pumpkin Patch – Count your blessings.

From the Book:


The Ghost of the Pumpkin Patch Speaks:

“Something that is a blessing is being overlooked. It appears cloaked and seems almost invisible to you. You must stand in your field – that is to say, your life – and look around you, and see all that has been given to you again, and give thanks for it. You are forgetting how much you truly have, and how much you will have again, and again. My time is the harvest: it is now your time to bring in, or harvest, the joy and love of what you have so much of, and share your abundance.”

Right off the bat I am told that what is needed right now is the energetic exchange between you and the life you live. Not just the life you live but how you interact with the world, how you treat others, how you treat yourself, the physical objects in your life that you have attained that bring some sort of comfort and beauty to you. We tend to get caught up in acquiring more and more because we think somehow that one day we may not have these beautiful things in our lives. We have trained ourselves that we need to keep working hard or someone somewhere is going to have one up on us and we are going to get knocked down and everything we have worked so hard for is going to be taken away from us. Now this is a mindset of lack and we are being asked to come out of this and also be aware of what this is doing to our life. You see… we may be so afraid that we are going to get knocked down and have our life taken from us but when you are not taking the time to enjoy this life, to enjoy what you have and the beauty that surrounds you, what is the point in working so hard for these things?

Right now you have some amazingly beautiful energies going on in your life. You have true gems! I know you may be thinking, is he talking to the right person? Yes, Yes I am! Its time to clear the junk and start honoring the great things in your life. Not just things but people as well. If you have someone that has been there for you and does for you so much without question, then please take the time to treat them well, take the time to honor them, to hug them, to love them. DO Something for these people. The more you are able to honor and give thanks to these situations, the more you will open yourself up to more of these situations without having to overwork yourself. Working hard is not a negative trait but you have to come from a place of understanding and balance. Work hard but also know when to take time to be in the moment, to be in the experience that you are creating for you and the world around you. Enjoy life. Take time to be totally consumed by the blessings you really have. So start your day out by counting your blessings and smile at each and every one of them. No seriously.. I want you to really bring up each blessing and put a big smile on that face of yours. Send some good vibes to these experiences.

This card speaks of Harvest, of reaping what you sow.  Now is a time to call back to you all that is yours. If you have things that you have lent out to others and you actually need them back, right now is the perfect time to receive them back. Don’t allow others to take advantage of you, don’t allow others to cheat you, but do honor the place you are at, honor the exchange and give thanks for the lessons being given. Stand your ground and harvest well. Be still, be silent and wait. Watch for what needs to be worked on. Listen to the guidance that is being given.

This is the first card in the deck which tells me that once you are able to Count your blessings you will start to experience new growth, new beginnings, new manifestations into your world. This journey has just begun if you choose and it will bring great advice.

So count your blessings, honor your daily life, bring forth in your mind each and every person, situation, object that has done well for you and brings you joy and give it the proper thanks it deserves. This is how you begin to remember how lucky you truly are.

“You have more material wealth thank you think, so please do count your blessings, every day!”

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